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Mead HeatSeal Pro Thermal Pouch Laminator
MEAD part M1701842
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Mead HeatSeal Pro Thermal Pouch Laminator - Pouch - Release Lever - 3" x 14.5" x 5"

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Pouch laminator delivers high-quality lamination for basic home, crafts and personal business needs. A quick warm-up time of just three minutes means you can quickly get to work with less downtime. Ready indicator light lets you know when the warm-up is complete. Cold lamination option allows convenient use with cold adhesive or pressure-sensitive pouches. Included EZalign lamination pouches have a helpful alignment grid that disappears after lamination to help you consistently position inserts. Jam-release lever quickly clears jammed or misfed pouches for simple operation. Laminator is perfect for photos, business cards, documents and more. Pouch laminator is designed for both 3mm and 5mm pouches with a maximum width of 9-1/2".