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GP Pro Dixie Ultra Smartstock Series-O Medium-weight Fork Refill
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GP Pro Dixie Ultra Smartstock Series-O Medium-weight Fork Refill - 40 / Pack - 24/Carton - Black

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Fork refill cartridge is designed for use in Dixie SmartStock Mini Cutlery Dispenser. Pre-counted, pre-assembled refill makes it fast and easy to restock an empty dispenser. Simply pick up a new cutlery refill, slide it into the dispenser, rip and pull away the binding tape, and close the door. Forks are made of medium-weight polystyrene. The SmartStock dispenser, owned by Dixie Consumer Products LLC (Dixie), is not available for sale, but must be subleased to end-user customers via authorized distributors of this product. Any fee charged to an end-user customer is a one-time sublease fee. Only Dixie SmartStock cutlery can be used in the SmartStock dispensers. End users will receive a sublease registration form to be completed electronically. The sublease form will also register the SmartStock dispenser for the Dixie lifetime satisfaction program. For dispensers, please contact your sales representative.