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Style B Chrome Drip Bowl, 1 Count (6 In.)
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Range Kleen 119-A Style B Chrome Drip Bowl, 1 Count (6 In.)

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Range Kleen 119-A Style B Chrome Drip Bowl, 1 Count (6 In.) OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality--this means you are getting the same quality, fit, and performance as what was on the original appliance when purchased new ; Proper fit of drip pan/bowl prevents rocking of heating element on drip pan/bowl, therefore preventing cookware from rocking on stove; Updates stove's appearance and makes kitchen look fresh; Saves energy dollars due to improved reflective nature of a clean, new bowl; replacing chrome drip bowls and pans can save you up to $30 a year in energy costs, depending on your usage of cooktop and local utility rates; Easy to clean; Passes appliance industry standards testing for 24-hour salt spray, test for fit, function and stability, liquid spill capacity, and rolled hem test for use and cleaning safety; One, 6-in. heavy-duty Style B chrome-plated steel drip bowl;