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Dataproducts R1427 Ink Roller
HITACHI, LTD part R1427
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Dataproducts R1427 Ink Roller - Black, Red - 1 Each

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Replacement ink roller includes red and black so you can print in two colors for easy reading and tracking. It is compatible with Aurora 14PD, 87PD; Canon MP12D, MP120DH, P-150, P-22DX, P32D, P120DH; Casio FR-110, FR-120C, FR-520, GR-2650, HR150LA, 1215S; Ibico 1212, 1215 and 1222. Also use with Royal 225PD, 228PD, 930PD; Sanyo CY5322DP; Sharp EL1614, EL1620, EL1626, EL2192, EL2620, EL2626, EL2626H, VX1614, T15035II, T15045, T15045II, T15045SV; Victor 1212, 1230, 1245 AND 1297.